>RedHawks Getting Some Work In

>As the RedHawks were enjoying an afternoon skate, a poster over on MiamiHawkTalk stopped by and had a few observations to make. Full credit goes to him on this update.

* Knapp looked very solid. Flashed the leather a couple of times nicely.

* Nate Davis skating w/ the team.

* Eichenlaub was skating; looked like he was paired w/ Tomassoni mostly.

* Weber was paired w/ LoVerde for most drills. Moves so well for such a big fellow as advertised. Nice snap-shot as well.

* Mercier practices like it’s the last time he’s ever gonna lace them up again. Very fun to watch.

* Palmer sure is fun to watch in one-on-one drills. He can really dangle.

A few observations, of my own, now:

– Nice to Knapp looking good. I realize that it’s VERY early on, but it’s still promising to see for the upcoming season. I’ll admit, that as soon as I heard Conner had committed to the program, I’ve been a big fan, simply because of his size. My one hope is that he’s coordinated for his size (as some big people aren’t).

– Good to see Ray Eichenlaub back in good form, after being hit by a car a few months ago.

– I’m also very excited about Will Weber. Personally, I don’t think he’ll stay for all four years of his college career, but I’m very hopeful that he will. Weber seems like a real gem and paired with Vincent LoVerde on the first line, will be very solid.

– I love the hustle from Justin Mercier. Personally, I thought he would wear the “C” for the RedHawks this season, based on his hard nosed play throughout the past three years. He seems as if he could really possess some great leadership qualities.

– I’m interested to see where Kevin Roeder winds up. Once again, it’s very early in terms of defensive parings, but my question remains, as to who’ll play on the second line with Roeder, if that’s where he ends up. There are a few options:

Roeder/ Wideman/Schilling/Smith/Findorff

Realistically, I can’t see anyone of these four options playing on the second line, but I have yet to see/hear anything about Cameron Schilling, or Chris Wideman. I would also suspect that if Michael Findorff sees action this season, it would be on a third-line pairing, same with Brandon Smith.


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  1. >For the “Anonymous” individual who left a comment that won’t be published, please read the date of the post before you tell me to “stick a fork in myself” in regard to my hockey analysis. As this particular post was dated 9/4/08, Brandon Smith, to my knowledge, was not “officially” a forward yet. I know that he has played ALL season at forward. Two, I agree with you…Weber has been less than impressive this season. Once again, LOOK AT THE DATE ON THE POST. And finally, don’t play the “if I know anything” about Miami hockey game with me. I’ve been around it for 19 years.

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