>Coach Blasi Speaks to Red & White Club

>MURedhawks.com has a nice video of Coach Blasi speaking to the Red & White Club about all things Miami Hockey. It’s very interesting and you can check it out at this link.

A few things from the video:

– We already know that Miami will play teams like New Hampshire, St. Cloud State, and North Dakota in the coming years as Rico addressed this in my interview with him in August. There are a few more specific details about next years schedule though. In 2009-2010 Miami will enter into a two year agreement with UNH, SCSU, and UND. Next season, Miami will go to New Hampshire and per the agreement, New Hampshire will come to Oxford in 2010-2011. St. Cloud State will come to Oxford next season, with the RedHawks making the trip to St. Cloud in 2010-2011. North Dakota will work the same way as New Hampshire…Miami will go to Grand Forks in 2009-2010, and the Fighting Sioux will come here in 2010-2011.

– All Miami home games, with the exception of the exhibition tomorrow night against Ryerson, that aren’t televisied nationally will be broadcast on ONN. This includes games that Miami would play at home as a part of the CCHA playoffs in March. Blasi also mentioned that some of the games on ONN MAY be picked up by NHL Network.

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