>USCHO Ranks Miami…Yes, 4th.

>Paula C. Weston and the folks over at USCHO have published their CCHA Season Preview late Thursday night. In it, Miami is ranked fourth in the CCHA. In addition to the usual suspects at the top, Weston has this to say about the RedHawks:

2008-09 predicted ceiling/basement: first/fourth
Necessary repetition: “We feel real good about our team,” says Enrico Blasi, the CCHA’s new master of understatement. Sure, the RedHawks parted ways with highlight-reel players, but the gents who remain are very photogenic.

And just for kicks…I had to include this too.

While the two-ref system and the new shootouts will undoubtedly impact the 2008-09 CCHA season in yet unpredictable ways, there’s one thing that everyone can count on: Northern Michigan will be playing for a national championship!

Um, that is, if Miami doesn’t head to the title game.

You see, the Wildcats were picked fourth in the CCHA preseason coaches poll, while the RedHawks were tabbed for fourth place by the media. Given the last two NCAA tournaments, one of these teams will be playing Boston College for the national championship in April.

Miami in the National Championship? I’d go for that. But Northern Michigan? Oh Paula…yet another offseason hath not changed your idiosyncratic ways.

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