>Jones Scoreless in NHL Debut

>The Nashville Predators are off to an 0-1 start after dropping the season opener to the St. Louis Blues, 5-2. Making his debut, Ryan Jones didn’t make the scoresheet…no goals, no assists…no penalties…no shots and saw 8:10 seconds worth of ice time. One observer…noted this about Jones gameplay tonight:

Ryan Jones – Seriously, why is he here??? Looked totally lost in D-zone coverage early and never made an impact. He is a step slow to make a play and finishes his checks late and still doesn’t even make an impact with his body. Had a few BRIEF moments where you saw some talent, but they were lost in the plethora of moments that had me buying him a ticket to Milwaukee.

Doesn’t sound like the Ryan Jones I know. I’m sure nerves had something to do with it as well. It’s only game one.

Also, Jonesy is keeping his own blog about his first NHL season. I’ve linked it on the right side of my page, where it will remain. Check it out!


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