>’Hawks Up to No. 10

>First off, I apologize for the lack of posting/updating lately. I’ve been super busy with school and two jobs, so please, forgive me that I haven’t been as quick to update as in the past. I’m trying!

Now, onto the real business:

– After a shootout win and a loss to Ferris State this weekend, the RedHawks have dropped two spots, to number 10 in the most recent USCHO Division I Men’s Poll.

– Just a quick list, but here are my “CCHA Winners & Losers” so far this season. A green team name means I look for the success to continue, an olive colored name means that I’ve seen flashes of success, but I haven’t bought into the idea of the particular team finishing with a .500 record and a red team name means…well, see ya’ next season!

1. Miami (4-3-3 overall)
2. Ferris State (4-3-3 overall)
3. Lake Superior (3-3-2 overall)
4. Michigan (7-3-0 overall)
5. Michigan State (4-4-2 overall)
6. Ohio State (4-5-1 overall)
7. Nebraska-Omaha (6-1-1 overall)
8. Alaska (5-4-1 overall)
9. Bowling Green (3-5-2)
10. Notre Dame (6-3-0)
11. Western Michigan (1-6-3)
12. Northern Michigan (2-5-1 overall)

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