>2009 Jersey Auction Information

>Details were originally posted over on the Miami Blue Line Club website, so full credit goes to the BLC for this post, but I thought I’d share these here as well, in case anyone was unaware of this info.

– The jerseys auctioned this season will be the 2008-2009 away (red) jerseys

– All numbers will be included in the auction

– Minimum bid for each game used jersey is $200.00

– The auction will be held during the following games:

Saturday, January 31, vs. Bowling Green
Friday, February 20, vs. Northern Michigan
Saturday, February 27, vs. Ohio State

– I should also point out that certain numbers will be auctioned at certain games.

For more information, and to find out when your favorite player’s number will be auctioned, visit the Miami BLC page for more details.

**Note: If anyone would like to bid on # 23 for me, it would make an excellent late Christmas present! Hint hint!**


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  1. >does this mean we are getting new jerseys next year. Finally! considering every other team in the conference seams to have a different style every year. we are like the yankees when it comes to changing styles of jersey.

  2. >number 29 *hint hint!*

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