>Sophomore defenseman Weber Arrested, Released

>He may be in the midst of a simple misunderstanding, but Will Weber is now undoubtedly in a certain degree of “hot water” shall we say, as he was arrested by the Oxford Police Department on Sunday.

Details are sketchy as to why the purse was actually taken from the Oxford bar that Weber was at. The police report claims that the sophomore defenseman left the bar, with the bag in hand, and attempted to hide it from police officers as he left.

Here’s where things become confusing…

Weber claimed the purse was that of a girl he was walking with, but the report claims that the girl was carrying her own purse and that it did not belong to her. The true owner of the purse was eventually found and she claimed to not know Weber, or the girl he was with. Upon leaving, Weber, highly intoxicated at the time of the incident, claims that the girl had asked him to grab her purse, but claims he took the bag in question completely by accident. The officers on scene spoke with the woman that was with Weber and the report alleges that she never asked him to grab the purse. The woman also said that she believed the theft to be simply a mistake.

He was charged with theft, and underage drinking and subsequently released.

Even though the circumstances are strange, I have to think that this was just a stupid mistake on his part. Of the many facets of Miami hockey, crime is not one of them. The coaching staff brings in quality players, both on ice and off, year after year. Sure, there may be a bad seed here and there, but Weber is not cut from this cloth. We’ve all done silly things while under the influence and I’m sure he’ll have a nice chat with Coach Blasi, if it hasn’t happened already.

On an unrelated related note, Weber, a 2007 second round pick of theĀ Columbus Blue Jackets, will be in development camp with the team beginning next week.


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