>Game No. 4

>Crazy one tonight, as the RedHawks and Wildcats skate to a 5-5 tie in Durham, New Hampshire. Miami controlled the third and overtime periods, to no avail. Below is a link to the game sheet, which I’ll let you, the reader, decipher. Nine goals were scored in the second period, four of which were Miami’s. Taking a win and a tie against solid competition on the road is “ok” with me any weekend. Now, for the breakdown:

Game Sheet

– Penalties KILLED the RedHawks in the second period, which led to UNH gaining momentum and capitalizing on it.

The Wildcat goals came at 7:56 and 9:04 and were scored 5 on 3 and 5 on 4, respectively. Blake Kessel, younger brother of Toronto Maple Leafs’ Center Phil Kessel, would add his second of the night a little more than a minute later to make it 5-3. Having not seen the game, it’s hard to know if these calls were “exaggerated” or if Miami fell apart and took some really bad penalties. Regardless, it led to Connor Knapp’s placement on the bench. I also don’t know if you can hang this one on him, or the defense, or whomever, but he didn’t get much help from the PK midway through the second.

– Penalty kill is still doing very well though, having killed off 21 of 23 disadvantages on the season. The power play is 3 for 20, after an 0-7 showing on Saturday night.

– Jarod Palmer is two points away from joining the 100-Point Club.

– Tommy Wingels had an assist tonight, giving him a four-point weekend.

– Cody Reichard is playing very well. The sophomore held the Wildcats scoreless for 34:52 after Knapp was pulled.

– Good to see the increased offensive production this weekend…11 goals were scored, compared to five against St. Cloud last weekend.

Clicking here will take you to view highlights from Friday night’s action at New Hampshire.

– The RedHawks open up conference play next Friday night in Oxford against Michigan State. More on that in the coming week.


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  1. >Reichard was MUCH more confident than Knapp on Saturday. The 5 on 3 goal was bound to happen, but his confidence was shattered on the 5 on 4 goal. He was also much more vocal in directing the play in the defensive zone where I never heard a peep from Knapp.First penalty in the 2nd was borderline, but we fell of the track after that. It was unsettling to watch it happen, but that we could get it back together before the end of the period fit Rico's quote on XM about learning & being proud of the championship game performance. It's obvious no one is dwelling on it & they're looking to go back & win it this time.

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