>Knapp on Draft

>Cleaning out my spam e-mails today, I found a response from Connor Knapp on his reaction to being drafted by the Buffalo Sabres this past summer. Sorry it’s old, but I thought I’d share it!

Connor Knapp:

“I just think it is a great honor to be selected by the Buffalo Sabres. It is a great organization with a great history. Buffalo is also only an hour from my home town so it would be amazing to be able to play there one day. It still seems unreal because this is something that I have dreamed about for a long time. Getting drafted to the NHL has been one of my life long goals. However, getting drafted is only the beginning of a process. It will only mean something if a player works hard and takes advantage of it. Getting drafted to Buffalo is just a step in the right direction to the NHL. The draft was also a testament to Miami University Hockey. I do not believe that I have ever matured and improved as much as I did last season at Miami. The coaches, staff, and players create a perfect atmosphere for self improvement and development, both on and off the ice. I am excited to have the opportunity to excel with a great college hockey program, and now also to have a chance with a great professional team. I am looking forward to my future seasons at Miami and with the Buffalo Sabres organization.”


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