>Are the RedHawks Soon to Swoon?

>Swoon, noun:
1 a: a partial or total loss of consciousness b: a state of bewilderment or ecstasy

It may indeed be the elephant in the room, but with the second half of the season upon us, it’s a subject that is sure to be on the mind’s of the Miami faithful- the “Rico Swoon.”

For those who may be new to “The Brotherhood,” the Rico Swoon is a term used to refer to the historically dismal beginning to the second half of the hockey season. With the exception of just a few seasons, the team has had a middling to poor record at best.

A Look at the “Rico Swoon (through the first ten games, post-holiday break)

1999-2000: 4-5-1
2000-2001: 6-4-0
2001-2002: 3-6-1
2002-2003: 3-6-1
2003-2004: 7-2-1 (NCAA Participant)
2004-2005: 5-4-1
2005-2006: 6-3-1 (CCHA Champions, NCAA Participant)
2006-2007: 3-4-3 (NCAA Participant)
2007-2008: 7-2-1 (NCAA Participant)
2008-2009: 4-5-1 (NCAA Championship Game)

Take note of the early latter half record last season, after a first half start of 12-3-3. All five losses came in a row, two of which saw the RedHawks get swept in the Ohio Hockey Classic by Clarkson and Army, games that for a team of Miami’s caliber, should have been “locks.” The following weekend wasn’t much better, either. A trip to Ann Arbor left the Hawks reeling once more…another weekend sweep that found the Red & White outscored 9-1. The only bright spot to the early second half? A 6-1 Saturday night win that earned the team a weekend split with Michigan State in Oxford on January 17.

Which poses the age old question: What exactly is the cause of the slump? What say you?


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