Video Issues Tonight on Miami All-Access? You’re Not Alone

As confirmed by “The Voice of the RedHawks” Steve Baker in tonight’s Miami Hawk Talk game thread, the All Access Video feed was haunted by some ongoing issues in Oxford this evening. Around campus, the university has been dealing with “upload bandwith problems” and this was causing issues uploading tonight’s video feed for the Hockey game.  All throughout the game, the feed was choppy and had the impression of buffering.

According to The Voice of the RedHawks, he “believed the university may have some bandwith issues, as [he] had the same problem at Millett today” (for the Men’s and Women’s Basketball games held this afternoon).  Upload speeds were cut in half for the day.

By the end of the game, the video feed was approximately 18 minutes behind. The feed showed Ohio State scoring their 2nd goal of the evening late in the third period just seconds before they were actually scoring the game winner in overtime.

We thank Steve Baker for all that he does for the university and Miami Athletics, and especially for diligently working through the entire officiating debacle game to try to get our video feeds up and working.


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