Lake Superior’s Andrew Perrault Suspended One Game

Well, new CCHA commissioner Fred Pletsch is certainly laying down the law.

A day after Miami freshman forward Tyler Biggs was suspended for two games for delivering an elbow to the head of Michigan State’s Matt Grassi, Lake Superior sophomore defenseman Andrew Perrault was suspended for one game (Friday’s series opener against the RedHawks) for “delivering an illegal hit to the head of a University of Michigan player.”

Now the fun starts.

So, Biggs gets two games for contact to the head, but Perrault gets just one? If the CCHA is going to be so vague, there has to be some mention of why. I’m not saying Fred Pletsch should go all Brendan Shanahan, but this is disconcerting.

Miami loses one of its most talented young players for two games for contact to the head but the Lake player gets just one?

Yet again, it is what it is I guess.


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