Miami to play an outdoor game?


According to an initial report by Andy Baggot and picked up by Chuck Schwartz at Bucky’s 5th Quarter, a Wisconsin sports blog, Miami could be tapped to play an outdoor game at Soldier Field as soon as next year as the University of Wisconsin is interested in going outdoors once again. The game could be part of a doubleheader with Wisconsin and Minnesota playing one half and Miami and Notre Dame the second.

Schwartz referenced the story by the Wisconsin State Journal’s hockey writer Andy Baggot that said Badgers head coach Mike Eaves was “intrigued” and that both Miami and Notre Dame had also been approached about the idea.

This would obviously be a big deal for Miami and being invited to such an outdoor “classic” would provide yet another big time recruiting tool and additional exposure for the program. Chicago is close enough to SW Ohio and has a huge Miami alumni base that we could see big numbers of RedHawk fans in the Windy City.


The reports provided the following rough details:

-The game would take place February 16, 2013.

-There could be a double header including a game that features Notre Dame and Miami. Both teams are currently in the CCHA, but Notre Dame will be moving to Hockey East after the 2013 season and Miami will be moving to the new NCHC after the 2013 season.

Both schools would be geographical fits for an outdoor game played in Chicago, especially obviously Notre Dame.

-Eaves is “absolutely” intrigued by the idea according to Baggot.

Additionally, with league series being two games each, the teams would have to play on Thursday night at the Kohl Center, with a day off before the proposed Saturday event at Soldier Field.


So, with that in mind, you would think this event would take a home game each from Notre Dame and Miami (to be fair) and would be an actual CCHA league series with one game at Wisconsin’s Kohl Center and the other outdoor at Soldier Field.

This could be very cool. I’m ready to purchase my plane ticket today!


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