Miami’s All-1980s Team Announced

Earlier this week, Miami announced the official results of balloting for the All-80s team and I have to say, somebody better explain how Craig Fisher, who scored 108 points IN ONLY TWO SEASONS against a true CCHA schedule, wasn’t part of it.

Your All-80s team includes:

Miami’s All-1980s First Team (votes)
F – Steve Morris (173)
F – Rick Kuraly (157)
F – Bill Bok (108)
F – Vern Sketchley (108)
D – Kevin Beaton (198)
D – Andrew McMillin (161)
G – Alain Chevrier (222)

Miami’s All-1980s Second Team (votes)
F – Todd Channell (91)
F – Bill Easdale (70)
F – Dave Wheeldon (68)
D – Dave McClintock (130)
D – Bob Wallwork (114)
G – Dan Kodatsky (203)

No offense to the guys on the team, but most of them rung up unbelievable numbers prior to the CCHA really coming together as a conference in the mid to late 80s. Michigan and Michigan State were not the powers in the early part of the decade they would become and Fisher faced those schools plus juggernaut Lake Superior State on some very underwhelming Miami squads that didn’t have a lot of talent. To be fair, Bowling Green was a very good program in the early 80s, but the CCHA simply was not the league it would become when Fisher was scoring 37 goals in 1989-90.

Who do you think was snubbed from this team?

Balloting begins for Miami’s All-90s team on Tuesday, October 30 at


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