Introducing the Blog of Brotherhood!!!

Miami University Red Hawks Neon Sign

It’s time for a new identity!
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Since Alex started “RedHawkey” on June 11, 2008, we’ve had 3 names around these parts. It started with “RedHawkey” and after the addition of Mike to the staff, the guys changed it up to Redskin Warriors – a name that we owe a lot of our success and followers to. There was some discomfort at the name of the blog from the get go, along with some praise, but after a few years as “the warriors” we decided it was time for a new direction.

Okay…no lies…we actually forgot to pay the bills.

We had let the domain name of lapse and to get it back was a ridiculous fee – we would have had to pay 5 times the yearly amount to get the same domain name back. So what better time for a new name?!?

Over the last few months, the old domain name has taken you to a site that doesn’t have much to do with Miami University, hockey, or even any type of warriors, and we apologize for that. As of yesterday, as a sort of belated 5 year birthday present to ourselves, we went in our new direction.

With the approval of the Miami Hockey program, we chose the Blog of Brotherhood as our new identity. The Brotherhood means much more than a hockey team for us, as it does for the young athletes that Head Coach Rico Blasi mentors for several years. For some of us, we’ve been following the team since at least 1991 (the year Mike started at Miami), and we’ve all been enormous hockey fans in general since any of us can remember. To go along with the “Band of Brotherhood” (that I played in from 2001-2004), we thought this name was perfect.

We hope you enjoy the new name, and continue to follow us as we get closer to the season. We will continue to provide the same great coverage you have come to expect, and we might even change things up a bit on the site with a redesign in the coming weeks.

With the redesign, you will need to update your bookmarks, so here’s the quick rundown. If you already follow us, you won’t have to do a thing except update your bookmarks to point you to the new website.

As always, Love and Honor! Go RedHawks!

The blog you are viewing is not endorsed by, affiliated with, or published with the approval of Miami University.


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