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Did something happen over the summer?

Sadly, the gang here at RedskinWarriors has been too busy pulling jury duty on the Casey Anthony case and avoiding earthquakes to regularly update the blog. But, we heard there was a bit of news over the summer. Something about a new hockey conference and maybe something about a first round draft pick that reneged on his commitment to play for some Canadian junior team.

Well, we promise to figure all this out and over the coming days and weeks we’ll get you caught up as the start of the 2011-12 season nears.

For now, we’re just glad we could do our civic duty and look forward to visually inspecting all Washington D.C. area monuments for earthquake damage.


2011-2012 Roster Released

On the weekend of the NHL Draft in St. Paul, Minnesota, the Miami Athletic Department has released the 2011-2012 roster. Here’s a quick look at the newest RedHawks and the jersey number they’ll be wearing. Stay tuned for an NHL Draft recap as well!

Austin Czarnik- 7

Alex Wideman- 10

Cody Murphy- 14

Jimmy Mullin- 20

Tyler Biggs- 22

Blake Coleman- 25

Ben Paulides- 28

Connor Murphy- 55 Um, yeah…