>Jones In Preds Lineup Tonight

>The Tennessean is reporting that Ryan Jones will return to the Nashville Predators lineup tonight, as the team heads west to face the Dallas Stars. Jones had been a healthy scratch for the team’s past two games and will be playing his second NHL game tonight.

Hopefully he’ll be able to get on the scoresheet!

Also, Brandon Felder at Hockey Buzz writes this about Ryan Jones:

Ryan Jones has not been put in a situation to succeed yet. He’s had 1 game, and in that one game was buried on the 4th line. Now tell me this. If you are a forward whose skill set is to go to the net and deflect pucks, how many offensive chances do you expect your linemates to get on the 4th line? Not very many to say the least. The 4th line isn’t a scoring line, that’s a hitting line that disrupts. If Ryan Jones is to succeed he needs to be on a line with scorers that are going to set up in the offensive zone and fire off shots at the net so he can screen the goalie, or deflect those shots in. For some people to already say that he should be sent down to Milwaukee is a bit foolish to me because we haven’t seen him in his natural situation. He must have 2nd line time to show off his game. Yes, he was a little behind in making decisions Friday night, but at the same time lets not forget that St. Louis threw the kitchen sink with a forward going to hit you right after at us. I think plenty of our players were discombobulated that particular night. So let’s give this kid a chance and not write him off after one bad game from not only him but the team. I think he can have real success but only if he is put in the right spot, on a scoring line, not the 4th line. 4th line is as misuse of his talents and wasteful. Were he to be stuck on the 4th line all year then yes, I agree, send him to the Admirals so he can play in the proper situations.

If you’d like to check out the rest of his column, it can be found at this link.

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