More on WCHA/CCHA Merger

Matt Wellens of the Mining Journal in Marquette, Mich. had a few more tidbits on the invite from the WCHA to the remaining five CCHA schools. Neither Western Michigan nor Bowling Green have accepted the invitation yet and both Lake Superior and Ferris State were, unsurprisingly, asked to update their aging hockey facilities. However, both Alaska-Fairbanks and Lake Superior accepted the WCHA’s invitiation yesterday to join the league starting with the 2013-14 season.

If the NCHC were to add Bowling Green, as much as I think it would be good for Miami, and for the league to have a doormat, it would be quite ironic that these teams would break from their current conference affiliations, finish the work the Big 10 started by destroying the CCHA and add a program like Bowling Green which seems it should be a program these “like-minded” schools wanted to distance themselves from.

If Notre Dame goes independent or to Hockey East I could still support the addition of Western Michigan, but I’m just not certain about Bowling Green. Right now, I don’t see the benefit for the NCHC to do so, and frankly, it seems a bit hypocritical if they were to add the Falcons.


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