2-0 Miami after 2…

With a goal in the final minute of the 2nd period, Miami takes a 2-0 lead into the 3rd period of the second semifinal here in Minneapolis.

Thoughts after 2:

– The first 10 minutes of the period were largely throw-away. Neither team really did much.

– UND dominated the second half of the period until about the 17 minute mark when Miami began to find its legs.

– UND iced the puck with 30 seconds left and you just had a feeling that giving the Coleman/Czarnik line a chance might be bad for UND. And, it was.

– Ben Paulides picked up the physical game in the 2nd period playing the heavy for a team without a lot of it.

– Austin Czarnik has been outstanding shadowing UND’s Mark MacMillan everywhere including behind the net tonight. He will have skated a full marathon and then some following the completion of this game.

– Alex Gacek has also been throwing the body despite his rather small size.

– Miami began to allow too much space, and accordingly, odd man rushes to UND in the second half of the period. However, they have played the most responsible game I have seen them play in a long while. Can they keep it up in the 3rd?

– Matt Caito has now blocked 4 shots tonight and Miami has blocked 14 overall. UND has blocked 10.

– Coleman (5) and Barber (4) lead Miami in SOG.

– Both Miami goals have come from the same spot on the ice — right between the circles in the premium zone. UND did not get a shot on goal in the 2nd period from that location. Miami did a terrific job keeping the UND shots to the outside. They must continue doing it.

– They are showing the damn BU highlights on the big screen. Please stop.

Let’s see if the boys can finish. Go RedHawks!


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