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2-0 Miami after 2…

With a goal in the final minute of the 2nd period, Miami takes a 2-0 lead into the 3rd period of the second semifinal here in Minneapolis.

Thoughts after 2:

– The first 10 minutes of the period were largely throw-away. Neither team really did much.

– UND dominated the second half of the period until about the 17 minute mark when Miami began to find its legs.

– UND iced the puck with 30 seconds left and you just had a feeling that giving the Coleman/Czarnik line a chance might be bad for UND. And, it was.

– Ben Paulides picked up the physical game in the 2nd period playing the heavy for a team without a lot of it.

– Austin Czarnik has been outstanding shadowing UND’s Mark MacMillan everywhere including behind the net tonight. He will have skated a full marathon and then some following the completion of this game.

– Alex Gacek has also been throwing the body despite his rather small size.

– Miami began to allow too much space, and accordingly, odd man rushes to UND in the second half of the period. However, they have played the most responsible game I have seen them play in a long while. Can they keep it up in the 3rd?

– Matt Caito has now blocked 4 shots tonight and Miami has blocked 14 overall. UND has blocked 10.

– Coleman (5) and Barber (4) lead Miami in SOG.

– Both Miami goals have come from the same spot on the ice — right between the circles in the premium zone. UND did not get a shot on goal in the 2nd period from that location. Miami did a terrific job keeping the UND shots to the outside. They must continue doing it.

– They are showing the damn BU highlights on the big screen. Please stop.

Let’s see if the boys can finish. Go RedHawks!


1-0 Miami after one…

Thoughts from the first period…

– Miami came out flying using their speed and quickness to create separation from UND who is a physically bigger team.

– The Barber/Kuraly/Louis line especially early was very good as they used that speed well.

– Barber looks a little lost right now. He seems to be fighting the puck but has still been effective, especially in the neutral zone.

– Ryan McKay looks very sharp thus far tonight making a couple difficult saves and keeping an eye on the crazy bounces off the boards and glass.

– Blake Coleman was all over during Miami’s second power play. He had three quality chances cashing in on the last one as he recovered a poor UND clearing opportunity, spun and fired a wrister that beat Gothberg high.

– UND began to impose their will late in the period picking up the hitting and winning battles for loose pucks and along the walls. Miami will have to hold strong and roll their lines to avoid fatigue against UND.

– SOG favor UND 14-9 with Blake Coleman getting credit for four of those. UND attempted 28 shots in the period to Miami’s 19.

– Miami has already blocked 8 shots tonight with Caito and C. Joyaux getting two each.

– Miami leads in faceoffs won with a 14-8 margin. Czarnik was 5-2 with Kuraly at 5-4.

– Overall, Miami actually looked competent defensively and backchecked fairly well. They will have to keep that commitment up throughout the night in order to prevail.