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Rough weekend, but the #SixPack lives on

This week’s #SixPack is dedicated to the memory of Brendan Burke. The RedHawks will play in his honor tonight. #MiamiU
  1. Last night’s reply to Reilly’s goal was the 10th time Miami allowed an answer within 3 minutes #returntosender
  2. Miami outshot Michigan 11-1 in the 2nd period, also meaning Connor Knapp didn’t stop a shot in the period. #o-fer #insidetheboxscore
  3. After having 3 teams atop the standings last weekend, we already have our 2nd this week. WMU now up 1 pt on Ferris #CCHA
  4. Northern Michigan and Ferris State tied. NMU stays at 9th in #CCHA, 11th in Pairwise #topsyturvy #whatisgoingonhere
  5. We don’t mean to rag on @OhioState_MHKY but they lost another one after blowing a 3-1 lead, losing 6-3 to MSU 0-5-4 in 2012. #CCHA
  6. With the loss, Miami falls to an unbelievable 5-44-1 all time at Yost. #nemesis
Read John @Buccigross ‘s remembrance of Brendan Burke HERE. Enjoy your Saturday, RedHawks fans. #SixPack 
2nd shutout loss of the season last night. Sunday #SixPack coming up. Did I hear something about a football game today??? #MiamiU
  1. With the shutout last night, #MiamiU goes 1-2-1 with a shootout win against Michigan this season. Michigan is 10-1-2 since 12/3/11.
  2. The game grinded to a halt in the 3rd period with 76 total penalty minutes. 98 total PIMs. 46 by #MiamiU. 52 from Michigoon
  3. Will Weber (vs. UAH) and Chris Brown (MSU) will have 1-game mandatory suspensions due to Fighting and Game DQs #FightFightFight
  4. While #MiamiU was getting swept, Ferris State took 4 points on the weekend and stayed atop spot in the #CCHA
  5. Ohio State lost again 0-6-4 in 2012. 4 Shoot Out Ls. 4 games left, 2 at WMU, home-and-home vs Miami. #bwahaha
  6. #MiamiU, OSU and Alaska are the only teams with 24 games played, meaning they are all a potential 6 points behind the rest of the #CCHA
Enjoy the big game tonight, folks. We hope you enjoyed the weekend #SixPacks despite the results of the road trip.

Have you read the Saturday and Sunday #SixPack of tweets?

While we still love traditions (see: lantern posted after every win, miamibeef04’s water towers before each game, etc), we love new things too. Have you seen the @redskinwarriors Saturday/Sunday #SixPack? We’ll try to bring you 6 tweets, every morning after a RedHawk game.  It’s better than the “morning after pill,” and it might even blow your mind every once in a while.

Here’s what you may have missed this weekend:

Saturday’s Tweets after Miami’s 3-1 win on Friday night:


We enjoyed saying “The Big Slubowski” last night. We hope everyone got home safely? Here’s the Saturday #SixPack #goredhawks #miamiu

  1. 3rd career hattrick for Reilly Smith and 2nd this yr. 17 Gs leads #CCHA. 3rd goal was 50th of his career. #theresahatontheice #ohthehumanity
  2. Knapp: 11Gms, 20GA, 1.94GAA .926sv%, 7-4-2 41% icetime
    Reichard: 16Gms, 39GA, 2.63GAA .897sv%, 6-6-2 59% icetime
    #beatingthedeadhorse (stats included Friday night’s game)
  3. #MiamiU Snaps WMU 7gm #CCHAunbeaten streak, 11-0-1 in last 12 in Ox 11-1-2 in overall @CoachBlasi 24-7-5 all-time vs WMU #cantstopwontstop
    3A. Third of the sixpack is a 40oz: 3A: 1st ever win for @CoachBlasi as #miamiu head coach came vs WMU on 10/9/99 in K’zoo. #insidethenumbers
  4. After 13-2-1 stretch w/ 56 goals, #3 @OhioState_MHKY has just 7G last 5 gms where they are 0-3-2 w/ 2 SO losses. #CCHA #bwahaha #freefalling
  5. The #s 3 thru 6 teams all lost. BC Minn OSU. Merrimack #6 in poll, t-14 in PWR. Remember what we think of the polls?…
  6. 3 More points tonight could put Miami in a tie for 2nd in the #CCHA. Currently: OSU: 34, WMU 33, ND/Miami 30 #donteventhinkaboutit #ccha

Sunday’s Tweets after Miami completed the sweep of then #8 Western Michigan on Saturday night:

It’s time for the Sunday #SixPack. A HUGE sweep on the weekend for the #RedHawks. #LoveandHonor #MiamiU #winning

  1. Enrico Blasi @CoachBlasi Is 2 CCHA wins away from 200. His current records: 276-179-48 Overall, 198-119-3 in #CCHA #MiamiU #cradleofcoaches
  2. Connor Knapp @knapper311 with his 2nd shutout of the year and 10th of his career. He also added an assist on the night. #unstoppableforce or #immovableobject ??
  3. Reilly Smith has 7 game-winning goals, which leads the nation. No other ‘Hawk has even 2 GWGs. He also sits at 99 career points. #MrClutch
  4. Mullin, Biggs: 1G each. Paulides, Murphy, Coleman, Czarnik: 1A each. A. Wideman only rookie dressed who did not tally a point. #fabfreshmen
  5. It won’t be long for Ohio State atop the #CCHA standings with this play. O-fer 2012 and 1-3-3 with 3 SOL’s & the only win @ Robert Morris since 12/30.
  6. Miami and BGSU (@ Alaska) are the only team to sweep the weekend. Standings: OSU 35, Miami/WMU 33, Mich 32, Ferris 31, ND/LSSU 30 #CCHA

We’re going to go find a #SixPack for ourselves and watch some football. As always, #LoveandHonor to #MiamiU #GoRedHawks